Our Vision


Our Vision



We want to walk with people on their journey with Jesus Christ.

To begin this journey though, all of us have to realize we have a problem. We’re broken. 

At the heart of our human brokenness lies the real problem. Sin. When we turn to Jesus Christ for help in addressing this problem, He will set us free and bring healing into those broken areas of our lives and give us a brand new start! At Journey Church, we want to lead people into this life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ, and then walk with them on this journey as they grow in their             new-found freedom!





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What to Expect

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Worship Service:  Sunday’s @ 9:30am

5091 US Hwy 2, Columbia Falls MT, 59912

Phone:  (406)-249-8662

Mailing Address:  PO Box 537 Columbia Falls MT 59912



Our Mission

To walk with people on a life-changing journey with Jesus Christ.